Sunday, October 19, 2008

The moment which healed my pain!!

A small narration: When I was a child, I used to travel to my father's native place Salem in Yercaud Express sitting next to WC because of the crowd...slowly it changed to travelling in 2nd class reservation compartment...after that it changed to Air Conditioning (AC) compartment...and then to British Airways travelling via London...and then slowly to 15 countries in Europe...and finally it came to a situation of my beloved mom coming to Germany for my MBA graduation ceremony :)

There are various moments which I cherished in my life to the core but nothing can be compared to mom's presence in MBA graduation ceremony and it certainly healed lot of pains in my heart...

1. This moment healed my mom's thirst of me not being a doctor....mainly because of the fact I left the Medicine seat which I obtained...

2. This moment healed my pain of not studying in US...but the country with which I didn't expect anything gave me hell lot of things...Deutschland hat mir viel gegeben....:)

3. This moment healed the pain which I suffered when Prof. Killat who stripped my ass in the mid-term presentation of my Master Thesis...But thanks I feel whats happiness :)

4. This moment healed the pain which I suffered when I was hunting for jobs in Germany and the rejections which I got mainly because of the strict visa regulations and language constraints....

5. This moment healed the pain of loneliness, depression and the disappointments which I suffered during my tough times in Germany....the sacrifice which I made in Food, Entertainment, Friends, Cricket, Movies, Indian girls ;)

My friends always say that I am always an unsatisfied guy but now I should say to the mirror that, "I am satisfied with what God has given me :)". I love you amma !!

Sathish Kumar S

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wanderer said...

Hello Friend,

I was also in a similar situation but could not enjoy it or chronicle it as you have done it.

May be I should learn it from you. Whenever I come to your blog a feeling of pride comes to me, that a first year friend of mine has conquered an unknown world and so many unknown hearts.

Andru Cheranin Kodi Himayaathuil Paranthu Nyamabgan Varuthu