Saturday, July 23, 2016

Anish real 1st Birthday - Leap year kid :)

Anish celebrated his first actual birthday on 29 Feb 2016 even though he is four years old since he happens to be a leap year kid. Time really flies away and it happened like yesterday that I cut the umbilical cord and hold him with both my hands. Taking in to consideration of the tough pregnancy Anita had, I am so glad that Anish is healthy, happy baby now and wishing him the best in the years to come. Thanks to German medical and insurance system which gave us the biggest gift of our life. He is presently enjoying his Upper Kinder Garden (UKG) in Chennai. Anish will be exactly 20 years old if he virtually completes 80 years old :) God Bless Him. 

Sathish Kumar S 

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