Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Seoul, South Korea

Recently I got a chance to travel to South Korea on a business trip. I was no way involved in that project and the project team members didn’t get visa on time, I was asked to travel as stop gap option since I had German passport and I don’t need a visa to travel to South Korea. Had a chance to fly in Cathay Pacific for the first time and had a transit flight in Hong Kong to a city called Incheon in South Korea which is around 100 KMs from Seoul. Hong Kong airport is in classical location with mountain ranges and seashore nearby which is indeed a rare sight. 

It was indeed a great experience of interacting with the clients, gathering their requirements, visiting the site in Daejeon. We all had a great socializing event of BBQ and drinks with various stake holders in the evening. Had a chance to visit Seoul during the weekend and definitely one of the picturesque cities in the world. N Seoul Tower was a thrilling experience to go to the top and one gets a panoramic view of the city of Seoul. Kyung bok gung is a huge palace showcasing the cultural and architectural aspects of Koreans. Language might be an issue in Korea where only few of them can speak English but the sign boards and symbols are very informative that one doesn’t need to ask anybody. 

The food in Korea was really awesome with wide variety of Noodles, Sea Food, Rice and Soups. I thoroughly enjoyed their cuisine since I don’t have any restrictions on the food. South Koreas is definitely a developed nation in Asia with grand infrastructure, sky scrapers, transportation etc. When it comes to Electronics and Automobile, they definitely lead the way with LG, Samsung, Hyundai etc. Their denomination is very high and around 1000 Korean Won is 1$. Thanks to my colleague Varadha who did a great job in organizing each and every aspect of this trip since it was a last minute plan. Definitely this Business trip will linger in my mind for long time and it was an awesome experience. 

Sathish Kumar S

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