Friday, November 18, 2016

Honda City Automatic

Recently we had a chance to buy a new car ‘Honda City’ with automatic gear shifting. Thanks to my wife who taught me first time the art of driving and executing the first gear on the road. Honestly I learned driving very late in my life almost close to 30 and I am glad that I can drive now in all three continents Europe, America and Asia with driving licenses from three countries. Initially I thought owning a car is a luxury but once you experience of driving it, I realize how it can improve the quality of living on a day to day basis. Driving in Indian traffic is no doubt the biggest challenge when compared to other countries and I hope this automatic gear shifting will ease the driving. Hyundai Santro happens to be the first car which I gifted to my parents, Skoda Fabia Combi in Germany, Volkswagen Passat in US, VW Jetta for Anita in US and we finally ended up in ‘Honda City’in Chennai. 

Sathish Kumar S

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