Friday, November 18, 2016

Tiger Caves, Mahabalipuram

Recently we had a chance to visit Tiger Caves which is situated before 5 KMs from Mahabalipuram. Honestly I never expected this place to be so nice and charming when I was bypassing it many times. It has got lush Green Park where one can have family picnic and most importantly great clean crowd less beach nearby. The intensity of the waves and the high tides from these beaches (Bay of Bengal) is simply stupendous and can never be compared with the North Sea, Baltic Sea and Atlantics where the tides don't even supersede your legs and most importantly one can drench in these waters throughout the year. Anish thoroughly enjoys building castles with the beach mud and for people who wants to avoid city traffic and want to go to the beach from Tambaram area, Tiger Caves is a place for the weekend. 

Sathish Kumar S

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